Paint Curing Technology

Efficient drying concepts for long-lasting, brilliant coating results.

Smart dryer systems are crucial to the quality of the coating processes –
their development has always been our pet project. In addition to paint application, curing is also instrumental when it comes to high-grade coatings. The processes are energy-intensive, but at the same time, the market demands resource-saving and cost-efficient solutions.


The targeted guiding of the circulating air flow ensures optimum efficiency. After the moisture has condensed, a large portion of the air is put back into circulation. The integrated control system allows for the individual adjustment of required temperatures and adjusts the air flow speed depending on the car body. This ensures fast process times and high throughput while maintaining consistently even drying.

Efficient And Low-Emission Curing Process

The benefits of the SmartOven are evident in the curing process, showcasing an outstanding energy footprint, low capital expenditure, and premium coating quality. In contrast to the conventional convection dryer, the separate heating units previously attached to the outside are integrated into the dryer, allowing for a compact and lightweight design. The SmartOven can be heated using electricity, gas, thermal oil, or hydrogen, providing important financial flexibility through the free choice of energy sources.

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