Tabea Katz (Chair of Works Council) and Alexandra Lücking (HR Manager)

Mutual Respect to Ensure
A Positive Corporate Culture

Close cooperation is crucial to a positive corporate culture – this applies especially to the close exchange between our HR department and the Works Council. The Works Council acts as a reliable partner and spar for HR staff in all matters concerning our employees, whether it is in relation to HR projects or other issues.

Our cooperation is characterized by a lively exchange of ideas regarding the future challenges of a modern work environment. Critical discussions are also an integral part of our interactions, as is the unwavering respect we have for each other.
Our enthusiasm shines through our shared commitment. We work hand in hand to make our company even more attractive for our existing and future colleagues.

In the topic fields below, find out how we – the HR department and the Works Council – work on maintaining an attractive work environment.

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Compatibility of family and work is motivating

Our versatile working time model is in line with the individual needs of our colleagues and promotes the compatibility of family, hobbies, and work. Especially for young people, we attach great importance to laying a solid foundation for their professional development based on flexible working hours.

The hybrid work option allows for efficient working, both in the office and from home. Hybrid meetings have become the norm in our corporate culture. The documentation of meetings has been standardized and is accessible to all. This open structure allows for project groups to act more flexibly and collaborate more creatively. The boundaries between private and professional life merge harmoniously, allowing for a smooth transition between both worlds. In the face of constant challenges, we strive to provide our colleagues with a dynamic and adaptable environment.

Open to the requirements of new generations

Our sustainable company is constantly changing. The days of long-term loyalty to an employer, as was often the case with previous generations, are over. Nowadays, young people are more concerned with inventing themselves faster and in their own fashion. This is no longer achieved with just a successful career, but above all with the balance between professional and private life while maintaining their health in the long term.

The bond between young colleagues and Eisenmann will grow stronger, the more agile we become. Our tasks, corporate culture and work method move in a constant loop of adaptation. This is crucial to keep the new generations interested and provide them with an environment that reflects their values, needs and aspirations.

Factoring in the diversity of all generations

At Eisenmann, we are committed to ensuring that colleagues of every generation can have the certainty of experiencing balanced work-life flexibility with their employer. We have implemented a great number of measures adapted to the various needs and life phases of our colleagues. And we are far from finished when it comes to our ideas.

Today, we employ colleagues from 5 generations, starting with the baby boomers all the way to generation Alpha. Each generation possesses distinct attitudes towards work, varying expectations of their employers, as well as different values and work methods. However, each and every one of our colleagues, regardless of their generation, possesses unique strengths and personal competences, which unfold particularly during project work with all its ups and downs. Our challenge is to create a well-rounded set of measures that cater to all needs, ensuring everyone stays healthy and remains committed to Eisenmann for the long term.

Promoting competencies and responsibility

In the work environment at Eisenmann, the self-management skills and sense of responsibility of our employees are crucial factors for fostering a positive work climate. In addition to professional skills, it is personal skills that allow our employees to successfully complete their tasks. This goes hand in hand with a sense of responsibility for their work and our mutual success. Our employees are aware of their accountability in their roles and the responsibilities assigned to them, not only towards their employer but also towards their colleagues and our business partners. Both involve the preparedness to make decisions and respect for our ethical principles and corporate values. Promoting competencies and responsibilities is not only in the interest of the employees but also of our company itself. Contributions include our feedback discussion culture within the company, as well as the training sessions we offer.

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