Axel, Vessela, Bernd, Salvatore, Ayla (from left to right)

Existing corporate culture proven to be successful

Like the history of any company, ours is characterized by many highs but also lows. The relaunch period in 2020 was particularly challenging. Today, however, we are one of the renowned providers of coating systems in the automotive, metal, plastic and wheels industries, including conveyor technology and final assembly. Newly founded in 2020, our Eisenmann GmbH combines all the benefits of a new start-up with the know-how gained in the course of a 65-years long company history. Long-standing experts with a high level of experience work together with young engineering talents to design highly flexible, energy-efficient and resource-saving solutions for our clients worldwide.

We have asked some of our employees how they recall the time of the relaunch and what they particularly appreciate about the Eisenmann employer brand today.

Which challenges have you tackled in cooperation with the Eisenmann team since then? What are you especially proud of?

Bernd: “I am proud that we accomplished to transform from an “old fashioned“ to a state-of-the-art company with contemporary philosophy and attractive benefits. This can’t be done by just anyone.”

Axel: “Exactly! Getting back on our feet from scratch, regaining trust to believe in our common vision. It is largely thanks to our general management that we succeed to do so. They create important freedom for developments which lead to the production of sustainable, sometimes unique products.”

Salvatore: “I am still in awe of how we managed in such a short time, and especially during the pandemic, to get the systems running, set up workstations and servers as well as train all our colleagues. Everyone did their best to contribute to speeding up this process. I am incredibly proud of that.”

Vessela: “I am encouraged that we were able to regain the trust of our clients and suppliers in such a highly competitive environment. This motivates me every day to be highly committed and to provide reliable support to our clients.”

Ayla: “The consistent positive feedback of our clients was a great sign to us.“

What can be managed particularly well today?

Salvatore: “We as a company have grown together, communication channels are short, and issues are heard and taken seriously. I will not be left behind as an individual, whether for business or private matters.“

Vessela: “Our communication, or generally said, the way we work together – is especially close. Let alone the close and genuine relationship to clients.“

Ayla: “We are working with each other and not against each other“

Axel: “In a nutshell: our streamline and personal structure, close communication, openness and cooperativeness as well as individual freedom.“

Bernd: “What I like best is the solidarity based on small workforces and close cooperation. Everyone knows what to do and no one tries to shift the responsibility on someone else.“

From your point of view, which are the key factors with which we will remain successful?

Ayla: “Determined colleagues with the unbridled will to manufacture great products and system components – and provide a flawless service.“

Salvatore: “The current mix and exchange of knowledge among experienced and young colleagues are crucial factors to remain successful and present. Short communication channels and streamline processes also lead to a more efficient work method.”

Vessela: “I suppose it is discipline within the work processes and belief in our skills and products.“

Bernd: “We meet the demands of our clients with premium products while continuing to work together on our solutions - along with our colleagues who enjoy working at Eisenmann. Simply because the general conditions are right.”

Axel: “An ambitious research and development team.“

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