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We help you get the most out of your plants

Nowadays, process analysis is becoming increasingly more important. By constantly analyzing and optimizing your processes, you can increase the efficiency of your plant and sustainably reduce your operating costs.

Analyzing the processes of your painting plants and / or your material flow can potentially reduce your energy and material consumption. It also ensures long-term plant availability. Working in close collaboration with your employees, we define targets and optimization solutions, as well as an action plan. In the process, we can identify major issues such as quality, potential cost savings and preventative maintenance concepts.

Our wide range of services for chemical process technology covers the different areas of your process engineering. We have a wide range of analysis and benchmark results and perform process simulations using our own test systems. Our experienced chemical process engineering specialists can help you with any number of issues. That includes correcting errors and problems (e.g. with the first-run rate,) process optimization and using our process auxiliaries.

We help you find ways to save on energy. Environmental aspects, especially energy efficiency, are becoming increasingly more important. Reducing your energy consumption and conserving resources contribute to the sustainable operation of your plants. With this goal in mind, our specialists are here to help you identify ways to reduce your energy consumption.

Our cutting-edge training center ensures that we’ll always have qualified specialists on hand. But it also presents training opportunities for your employees. We offer product orientations and maintenance training. During the start-up phase and production, we offer individual assistance on site. Excellently qualified Eisenmann service technicians assist your staff, who will also be trained and instructed in maintenance and troubleshooting.



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