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Plant Reconstructions & Retrofitting

Plant Upgrades & Updates

Eisenmann service engineer performing a plant upgrade
Eisenmann service engineer performing a plant upgrade

Eisenmann service engineer performing a plant upgrade

The Eisenmann Service is your first contact for plant upgrades, system expansions or reconstructions in the area of painting technology, environmental technology, process engineering or conveyor systems.

Our plant upgrades help you adapt your plant technology to meet new conditions such as:

  • Increased throughput
  • Changed product dimensions or weights
  • Changed space planning
  • Relocation of production
  • Painting system upgrade (E|SCRUB)
  • Energy-saving measures
  • VarioShuttle upgrades
  • Software and hardware updates


Our specialists are looking forward to showing you energy-saving potentials and enhancements.

Irrespective of whether you are interested in extension and additions for electric monorail systems, upgrades for automatic guided vehicle systems (AGVS), extension and additions for conveyor systems or in other topics, feel free to contact us!
Our specialists will assist you anytime in all plant upgrades and system expansions with their high level of expertise.


Plant Reconstructions & Retrofitting
Plant Reconstructions & Retrofitting

Plant Reconstructions & Retrofitting

Often, your plant needs to be modified and adapted due to new developments or system conversions. The same applies to adaptations due to changed (statutory) provisions. Our specialists assist you in system conversions and plant adaptations such as:

  • Replacing control systems (e.g. replacing a Siemens S5 with a Siemens S7)
  • Replacing network and communication modules
  • Adaptation of your plant to ensure compliance with statutory provisions



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