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Full service & operator models

We don’t just build plants. We also run them for customers around the world with our own operating staff.

Our full service package is already used by customers in all different sectors of industry and service. In providing full service, we rely on our experience in the construction and operation of industrial facilities and factories. Our permanent on-site service ensures the ongoing availability of your plants and assists you through every life cycle of your system. This way, you can help preserve the value of your plant.

Full service can be considered an introduction to the operator models. With full service, the customer handles the operation of the plants.

With the operator model, we handle part of your value creation chain for you. This way, you're free to focus entirely on your core business. The operator model constitutes the highest degree of involvement in your production process. We operate your Eisenmann plant using our own staff, our own logistics, our own quality control and our own maintenance service.



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