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We can advise you on how to organize your spare parts management with plant-specific spare parts packages and single spare parts. We bundle your orders and put together tailored packages to safeguard your production and keep you up and running in an emergency. This centralized spare parts management especially helps reduce purchasing processes and ensure system availability.

In addition to sales, we also offer a repair and replacement service for spare parts.

Our plant servicing and maintenance service ensures optimum operation of your plant and helps reduce plant downtimes. Periodical maintenance guarantees optimum operation of your plant. As part of our system maintenance service, we perform an inspection to determine the actual state of your plant. We’ll point out potential optimizations, ways to increase your performance or areas where intervention is urgently needed.

As experts in plant engineering with many years of experience as a service provider, we know the needs and service requirements of the individual assemblies down to the last detail. That’s why we’ve developed service modules that you can use to put together your own individual concept, custom-tailored to your plant. Using a combination of standardized individual components, you can create the perfect service package for you. Aside from the advantage of being better able to plan your maintenance budget while at the same time defining your scope of services, we also offer much better rates than conventionally contracted services.

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