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Separator systems & booths for OEMs

Quality comes to the surface.

With the E-Cube mechanical separator system, the paint mist (overspray) released in paint shops is filtered out of the air thanks to sophisticated filter technology without the use of any chemicals, water or other additives (e.g. binding agents) whatsoever. This energy- and resource-saving system is easy to use and can be operated by anyone. It consists of 60 to 80 percent recycled materials, which greatly facilitates storage and waste disposal. The cube-shaped separator modules can be stored compactly and fit on a standard pallet when disassembled. Existing plants that have been operated with other separator systems can be easily adapted to the E-Cube.

E-Cube can be used for any wet paint application, e.g. in automotive manufacture, in the automotive supplier industry and the utility vehicle and agricultural vehicle industries, as well as in wind power, plastic coating and general metal coating.

The E-Scrub environmentally friendly, resource-conserving electrostatic separator system is used to filter out excess paint particles (overspray). In comparison to conventional systems, the energy-friendly E-Scrub only needs a very low differential pressure for air conductance. It also consumes much less water and emits much less dust than other systems. The E-Scrub is easy to use and low-maintenance and generates very little dirt.

Standard spray booths
Eisenmann spray booths are precisely tailored to the needs of our customers. From the supply air unit to the plenum and all the way to the actual housing, all the components are designed, engineered and manufactured in-house. These booths are built to the highest standards of quality. Cables and pipes are integrated in the frames of the booth modules. This leaves the interior of the booths smooth and easy to clean. Lighting is easily accessible from the outside of the booth.

Large volume spray booths
Eisenmann is a long-time supplier to the aerospace and railway industries. Here, too, corrosion protection and, not least of all visual appearance have a big role to play. Our large volume spray booths are used to paint large components and even entire airplanes and automotive vehicles. Because manufacturers are using composite materials, new activation processes are increasingly being used before the painting operation. That’s why, in addition to the usual sanding processes, Eisenmann also integrates alternative processes, e.g. laser technology, into the large volume booths, as well as individual specifications with electrostatic paint separation or dry separation.



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