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Paint shop conveyor systems for OEMs

Extreme flexibility and compact design.

The conveyor system solutions of Eisenmann are used by leading automotive manufacturers around the world. With the VarioLoc, we are revolutionizing paint shop conveyor technology by making skids unnecessary.

E-Shuttle family
E-Shuttles comprise freely programmable axes and transport the car bodies on individual shuttles through the pretreatment (PT) and e-coating (EC) process baths. The body is rotated 360° through the process baths. Each shuttle has its own on-board controller, which defines the dwell time of the body in the process bath. The process times can be individually programmed for each body type and each process bath. It is also possible to skip certain baths in the process. Thanks to a continuous position recognition feature, the movements of the whole system are all coordinated to work together.

E-Shuttle 200 – Smaller Plant Cross-Section
The E-Shuttle 200 comprises two freely programmable axes: a travel axis and rotation axis. By eliminating the need for a lifting axis, the pendulum frame mounted on the rotation axis makes for a compact, low-height design.

E-Shuttle 300 – Highly Flexible Conveyor System
The E-Shuttle 300 comprises three freely programmable axes: a travel axis, a lifting axis and rotation axis. Individually programmable dip curves and process times ensure that the bodies are cleaned and coated evenly.

The pendulum conveyor is a system for easily lowering car bodies into various pretreatment baths. The pendulum conveyors lower the car bodies into the baths over the descending carrying rails. After they’ve gone through the baths, the conveyor then lifts them back out over the corresponding rising rails.

The future is skid-free. The VarioLoc modular conveyor system is revolutionizing paint shop conveyor technology by making heavy skids unnecessary. The VarioLoc can move forwards or backwards and also handles curves and climbs, making it extremely flexible in its applications. Compared to conventional skid conveyors, the VarioLoc lets you reduce your investment costs up to 38 percent. This is thanks in part to the fact that it only requires half as many drives, drastically fewer signal transmitters and no reading points at all.

The offline maintenance concept also helps bring down the cost, since fewer maintenance accesses are needed on the track. Service and maintenance is performed on the Locs exclusively at service stations disconnected from the track path. As a result, the entire plant does not have to be shut down for maintenance. Until now, the heavy skids that transported the bodies through the dryer had to be heated up and cooled back down for each drying operation. When each skid weighing approx. 200 kilograms, this takes a huge amount of energy. VarioLoc doesn’t use skids, reducing energy costs up to 13 percent in the dryer zone alone.

Flexible capacity management is also to do with VarioLoc, since the system can be expanded without any major retrofitting and the Locs can be used in different locations.

The factory of the future will be free of rigid operations and processes – the goal is nothing short of serial production with a batch size of 1. This is going to take intelligent, flexibly adjustable conveyor systems that make it possible to produce a wide variety of car bodies and vehicle models on a single plant. With the VarioStore, Eisenmann has created a concept for a flexible, versatile car body warehousing system that makes large, expensive high-bay storage a thing of the past. VarioStore is an area storage system that features maximum flexibility with storage relocations and capacity changes by breaking away from the concept of conventional, rigid conveyor systems. This makes it possible to warehouse materials in any free storage areas or parts of areas, for instance on the rooves of buildings. This is done using the VarioMover unmanned transport system. If the customer decides to implement VarioStore in an already existing area, they stand to save up to 61 percent on their investment costs. The reason for this is that, unlike a high-bay storage system, it does away with the entire storage block, the storage and retrieval unit and the conveyor system in the front zone.

The VarioMover is an unmanned vehicle with integrated lift table. It drives up under the car bodies, lifts them up and transports them to a specified destination. Since its length is variably adjustable, the VarioMover can transport the car bodies either with or without a skid. It can lift loads of up to 1,500 kilograms. Equipped with a camera and controlled via master computer, the VarioMover makes its way to its destination along an optical track system, moving at a speed of up to one meter per second. The system uses barcode labels as position markers. Existing aisles can be used by the VarioMover and by people at the same time. The trolley features a 360-degree safety area and automatically slows down as it approaches obstacles. This protects people from being hit by the trolley.



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