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Dryers for OEMs

Today’s dryers significantly contribute to the quality of the painting processes of automotive manufacturers and suppliers. In addition to paint application, curing is also a decisive factor when it comes to high-grade coatings. The processes consume a great deal of energy and hold the potential for massive savings.

The Smart Oven boasts excellent energy balance, low investment costs and high painting quality, making it a major component of the Smart Paint Shop. It comes with fewer surface-mounted parts and less heating equipment than comparable existing concepts. As a result, this dryer is more compact and lighter overall, so it takes up less space and applies a lighter load to the building. All these engineering features add up to major cost reductions of up to 18% for a Smart Oven. Due to the space-saving arrangement of the compact dryers and the smaller footprint, the building-related investments are reduced by up to 5%.

The targeted guiding of the circulating air flow ensures optimum efficiency. A large portion of the air is put back in circulation after the moisture has condensed. The integrated control system allows the required temperatures to be individually adjusted and adjusts the air flow speed depending on the car body. This ensures fast process times and high throughput while maintaining constantly even drying.

Eisenmann’s infrared dryers feature a compact design and extreme adaptability, allowing radiation to be used for a variety of different paints. Highly efficient, as well as direct and material-conserving applications mean energy-conserving and efficient processes.



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