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With our conveyor systems for body shop and final assembly lines, Eisenmann is setting new standards of functionality, flexibility and reliability while maximizing cost-effectiveness and minimizing maintenance.

Our best-selling overhead conveyor is the car body electro monorail conveyor (EMC). This lifting chain hanger is the most reliable conveyor system for compact cars and vans alike. In the logistics between suppliers and final assembly we also rely on the proven EMS concept. Whether motors, underbodies or seats – the taxi EMS takes them from the supplier park to the final assembly lines right on time.

The so-called marriage is the point at which the chassis is joined with the motor and the underbody. From this point on, a vehicle is no longer dependent on assistance. Up to that point, floor conveyor systems are frequently used. Eisenmann offers a wide range of suitable conveyor systems for this purpose, e.g.: skid roller conveyors, slat conveyors or skillet platform systems.

As a systems supplier of final assembly lines, Eisenmann integrates a broad range of systems into the assembly process. Automated workstations such as for gluing window panes, fuel systems, test rigs but also water testing facilities count among our product range.



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