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Application of wheels

Eisenmann boasts countless prestigious references. With over 130 wheel painting plants completed, Eisenmann is a world leader in this area. One out of every four car wheels is treated on Eisenmann plants.

Spray pretreatment for aluminium wheels
Eisenmann builds plants for chamber pretreatment and continuous pretreatment. A special focus is placed on the optimization of water consumption. The result is a significant cost savings on both fresh water and waste water purification.

EC plants for steel wheels
Flawless primer application forms the foundation for a consistent paint structure. When it comes to metal parts in particular, cathodic electrophoretic coating (EC) is a highly efficient economical option. For each of our concepts, Eisenmann offers an optimal combination of process and conveyor system, always integrated with the perfect logistics concept. All the process engineering peripheral equipment is available from our one-stop shop and likewise individually tailored to our customers’ needs. The result is plants that save both energy and resources.

Wet separation
Eisenmann offers two separation processes for wet erosion: compact cross-current Venturi scrubbers and double cross-current Venturi scrubbers. They can be used to treat different paint systems in a variety of volumes and adapted coagulations. In plants for automatic coating, most of the air which is suctioned out and scrubbed of paint mist is then fed back into the booth (recirculated-air operation). In oder to ensure that the permitted solvent concentration in the spray booth is not exceeded, a partial flow of the circulating air rate is released as exhaust air.

Convection or air circulation drying is primarily used for paint curing. However, it’s also suitable for drying adhesives, gels and water. In addition, these dryers are also used to preheat parts prior to coating. Eisenmann dryers use targeted air flows to achieve optimum efficiency. The can also be split up into multiple heat-up and holding zones. Rapid heat-up and even temperature distribution can be individually adjusted to suit the workpiece geometry. The focus is on achieving fast processing times and high throughput rates while maintaining consistent quality.

Inverted Power & Free
Thanks to their high flexibility with regard to speed and media, Power & Free systems can be used to combine a variety of production facilities and processes. This minimizes the number of workpiece transfers and system changeovers. This applies both to the Overhead Power & Free system and the Inverted Power & Free conveyor, capable of targeted workpiece infeed and pick-up, buffering, sorting and dosing. These systems can also be used for continuous workpiece conveyance. As a result, they allow for extremely energy-efficient, economical and flexible direct connection to upstream and downstream zones, as well as completely internal material flow.

Masking station
Automotive manufacturers around the world need aluminum wheels with paint-free functional surfaces. This requires the surfaces to be masked. Eisenmann has developed an automatic masking unit with an image recognition system capable of reliably handling large part quantities and sustainably increase production. The hoppers of the Eisenmann masking station can hold up to 10,000 elements which are automatically infed one at a time in the correct position by a robot. The robot uses a vacuum suction device to grasp the masking parts and inserts the balls and stoppers into the screw holes of the individual wheel types.

Wheel gripper
The wheel gripper developed by Eisenmann facilitates the transfer of wheels between the different process steps and contributes to automation in wheel processing. It weighs significantly less and reduces gripping time by up to 30 percent. It also helps lower energy costs. The wheel gripper boasts flexibility and optimal availability. Proportional technology ensures maximum precision and short cycle times.

Wheel identification and tracking
In addition to the wheel concepts for E-mobility wheels, the biggest trends in aluminum wheel development are currently big-data-related topics like wheel recognition and individual wheel tracking. This makes processes trackable, transparent and easier to optimize in the long run.

Pendulum compensation robot
One absolutely crucial factor for high-quality painting with robots is to ensure that parts are positioned accurately. The pendulum compensation robot developed by Eisenmann stops suspended parts from moving on the conveyor before they reach the paint booth. Special hydraulic dampers are used to cushion the pendulum forces. They allow for the consistently optimum transfer of the parts to the booth, where they can then be painted reliably in the defined position.

E-MES production management system
The award-winning Eisenmann Manufacturing Execution System, or E-MES for short, networks the factory, both horizontally, i.e. across the entire manufacturing process, and vertically, across all process levels - from the ERP to the PLC. With integrated data logging, analysis and display, it ensures thoroughly transparent production and logistics processes. E-MES can be variably implemented as anything from a simple operating and monitoring system to a complete MES solution. With its integrated data logging, analysis and display, it ensures thoroughly transparent production and logistics processes, forming the basis for every Industry 4.0 solution.

Virtual commissioning
And Eisenmann offers digital services throughout the entire value-added process. Automated software creation with E-PASS allows for virtual commissioning and intensive testing of the entire plant software in advance. This shortens the project execution time up to the start of production by up to 30 percent.

Digital services
All machines, functions and documents are managed through our service cloud. In conjunction with the service app, customers can request remote support and connect to an Eisenmann service technician. Communication occurs by scanning QR codes on the components or via smart glasses.



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