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Thermal waste disposal & material recycling

We turn waste into energy.

Eisenmann’s environmental systems manufacturing line-up includes thermal plants for recovering energy or materials from waste of all kinds. This includes, for example high-heat-value production remnants and residues from industrial treatment processes, communal sewage sludge, as well as recyclable materials in solid, liquid or paste form.

The Turaktor is a high-turbulence reactor designed specifically for the thermal treatment of liquids, suspensions, toxic gases and dusts. This process has also proved itself over and over in the regeneration of catalyst suspensions and in precious metal recovery.

Many areas of application, high flexibility and operational safety and energy efficiency in the input material – these are just a few of the many great features of the fluidized bed incinerator. These units can be used to thermally treat all different types of solids such as biomass or pasty waste, dehydrated sewage sludge and oil sludge.


Thermal recycling and treatment of solid and pasty substances can also be done using rotary kilns, available as an all-steel or brick-lined version, with direct or reverse current. The rotary kiln has proven particularly useful for disposing of special waste.

The chamber kiln or Chambustor is used for such applications as recovering precious metals from solid or pasty substances. This technology is also used to neutralize highly toxic or contaminated substances in an environmentally friendly way. The batch process is a highly economical solution for disposing of smaller and/or intermittently produced residues.

The Pyrobustor is an unlined, dual chamber rotary kiln developed by Eisenmann. It can be used for decentralized thermal sewage sludge disposal for operators of small and medium-sized treatment plants. Installed in direct proximity to the treatment plant, it converts pre-dried sewage sludge into usable heat and inert ashes suitable for disposal in landfills.



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