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For the green energy of tomorrow.

Our plants transform organic residues into regenerative energy and channel valuable resources back into the natural material life cycle.

Biogas can be used in a combined heat and power unit to recover electricity and heat. Alternatively, it can also be treated in a biogas treatment plant in order to then be fed into natural gas grids as biomethane or used as fuel in vehicles.

Eisenmann plants are used for many different applications. Our range of services includes the complete engineering of new plants and the extension of existing composting and fermentation plants. Through the tested sanitation of biowaste in the Eisenmann fermentation system, this technology even anticipates future legal requirements. The case-specific use of steel or concrete fermenters makes many different types of combinations possible. The fermentation plants can already cost-effectively process 5,000 or more tons of substrate and waste a year, and, thanks to the modular system, they can even handle large projects with over 300,000 tons a year.

Moreover, the plants are fully automated and equipped with process management systems that continually measure, control and adjust the fermentation process, resulting in optimum gas yields.

Nearly all Eisenmann fermentation plants are equipped with a horizontal fermenter. This system is easily identifiable by the continuous horizontal paddle agitator which continuously mixes the organic substances with the fermentation substrates in order to produce optimum gas yields. That is what makes these plants particularly suitable for substrates with a high solids content. They tolerate interfering substances and do not require any addition of water or other liquids for dilution. As a result fermentation volumes and fermentation residues are minimized. This makes the plant more efficient and more cost-effective.



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