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Floor track systems

Flexible solutions for floor-based loading carriers.

The flexible routing, the resulting small footprint and the high throughput rates make the single-rail floor track particularly advantageous for material flow in existing buildings with insufficiently high ceilings. The rails are designed for carrying capacities up to 1,250 kg and speeds over 120 m/min. Intelligent gap control allows for non-contact accumulation, even in narrow curves. Thus, a single electrified monorail floor track circuit can get more than 400 pallets/h in and out of a high-bay storage front zone at the same time.

Reliable solutions for complex plant layouts.
The Eisenmann two-rail floor track is used for automated goods transport in intralogistics. It’s the perfect alternative to continuous conveyors and suitable as a heavy-duty conveyor system for many different fields of application. The highly dynamic trolleys transport loads weighing up to 1,500 kg with an acceleration rate of up to 1 m/s2 and a top speed of 3.3 m/s. The sturdy rail system, specially developed for dynamic requirements and the fast-switching, compact track switches can be used to implement complex plant layouts. Thanks to their low overall height, space-saving layouts and low weight per unit, electric floor track systems are also ideal for installing in existing buildings. Moreover, the system performance can always be easily scaled by adding more trolleys. Maintenance and inspection work on nearly any part of the plant can be comfortably done offline in a separate maintenance area.



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