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Electrified monorail conveyors

Our way of helping the economy.

High flexibility electrified monorail systems from Eisenmann boost your throughput and transport all carriers reliably, quickly and economically.

EMS Shuttle
If large spatial distances need to be covered or different buildings need to be linked logistically, it’s best to go with an electrified monorail system (EMS). Our shuttles feature onboard controllers with an open architecture. This lets you modify the travel path of the EMS trolleys as needed and boost your process efficiency. Permanent data communication via CAN busbar allows for quick reaction times and continuous adjustment of the material flow strategy.

Our EMS TwinShuttle increases throughput and saves space at the same time. It is capable of conveying loads of around two tons and picking up and dropping off two pallets either in parallel or separate from each other. This is done fully automatically by means of traveling suspension chain conveyors or roller conveyors. Thanks to its compact design, the TwinShuttle saves more space than an alternative with single trolleys. The optimized distance between the pallets on the TwinShuttle opens up new possibilities for layout planning. In addition to saving space in the transfer area, it also allows you to greatly reduce buffer segments, empty trolley segments and parallel segments.

Our automated picking EMS ensures better performance in order picking.
It comes equipped with a trolley specially engineered for order picking. This trolley has the technical features and high degree of automation to outperform manual picking methods by a long shot. The rail-mounted trolleys of the picking EMS allow you to optimize your material flow: Sophisticated control strategies prevent jams and ensure even distribution of the workload in order picking. It is used for applications that demand cost-saving high picking performance with optimum routing, low service and maintenance and a high degree of automation. This includes applications in distribution centers, as well as manufacturing companies that assemble parts or loads for the production process.



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