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The smallest irregularities in the coated surface are deemed to be faults and are unacceptable, both for customers and automobile manufacturers. For this reason, quality control in the paint shop is a high priority. While automation is continuing to progress, the human eye cannot be replaced in matters of quality assurance, meaning that ergonomically well-equipped workstations are essential for maximum quality demands.

The new VarioInspect light tunnel design wins with its improved ergonomics and efficiency. The open construction creates a pleasant working atmosphere and, at the same time, improves the acoustics for the worker. In the free-standing aluminum portals, employees are provided with all key consumables such as water and compressed air via supply lines in the floor. Furthermore, a new type of LED lighting is used that Eisenmann has developed in cooperation with reputable partners and research institutes.

The unique LED lights can be regulated infinitely from warm white to cold white and adjusted to all process requirements, such as paint color and the gloss level. This lighting environment creates ideal conditions for optimum surface inspection. In addition, the illumination is supported by the option of controlling each thread of light individually.

The vertical arrangement of the light elements ensures that the faults automatically pass through the vertical reflected image thanks to the conveyor movement. Furthermore, the continuous light paths generate a uniform light intensity and facilitate fault detection thanks to the elimination of shadow formation. The low levels of heat generated by the LED lights also have a positive impact on the working environment.

Moreover, the ongoing operating costs of the VarioInspect are reduced thanks to the low energy consumption and the long useful life of the LED lights.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Homogeneous light distribution along the elegant light portals
  • Open construction for ergonomic workstations
  • Water, power and compressed air supply lines are integrated into the floor
  • Modifying the color temperature can improve the properties of light reflected from a surface. Light with a color temperature of 2,700K, as compared with 6,500K, stands out on a white surface much more clearly. A range of adjustment mechanisms mean Eisenmann’s LEDs can create the right degree of contrast on any painted surface.
  • Vertical reflected image improves ergonomics
  • Low operating costs due to energy savings and LED useful life
  • Option: Indicator LEDs in RGB colors enable additional signal functions according to customer wishes, for example system stop and tracking


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