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Coating Plants from a Single Source

We team up with notable robot manufacturers to integrate just the painting robot you need into your overall plant. On this basis and independent of manufacturer-related aspects, we work out a tailored solution in dialog with you.

Offline programming system

Screenshot VarioRobSim
Screenshot VarioRobSim

Screenshot VarioRobSim

VarioRobSim is our user-friendly offline programming system that can be deployed directly in the production enviroment.

Thanks to its powerful yet compact design the software system can be installed on a visulization station or on a laptop.



• Programming possible in immediate proximity to robot cell and during ongoing production
• A large number of support functions
• Direct data transmission to the robot
• Freely configurable user interface
• User administration
• Simultaneous simulation for multiple robots
• Collision detection
• Support for multiple languages
• Import and export of CAD data