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We bring paint to perfection.

Eisenmann high-rotation atomizers and galvanic isolators guarantee a brilliant surface finish. Our systems boast high transfer efficiency, minimal paint loss and a compact design.

VarioBell v.2
The second generation of the VarioBell features a lean, lightweight design that makes this one of the smallest available high-rotation atomizers for wet paint application. The VarioBell v.2 is especially well-suited to painting complex cavities and undercuts. However, the applicator can also be used for painting large exterior surfaces. It allows for direct charging of 1C and 2C water-based and solvent-based coatings and achieves top application efficiency.

VarioBell v.3
The new VarioBell v.3 is equipped with an additional channel for hardener. As a result, 2C paints can be mixed right in the atomizer and applied with reliable quality. The double guiding and forming air system of the VarioBell v.2 and VarioBell v.3 lets you set the spray jet to any diameter from 50 to 350 mm. So the atomized spray jet can be optimally adjusted to the shape and size of the components being painted. The combination of a two-channel paint tube with micro paint valves located directly behind it minimizes paint loss during color changes. The interior of the bell plate is cleaned without losing any paint.

VarioBell plus
The VarioBell plus is Eisenmann’s external charging concept and is used primarily in the OEM sector for coating car bodies. The design of the damping resistors makes for a more flexible arrangement of the projecting fingers. Among other great features, this high-rotation bell allows you to optimally adjust the atomized spray jet to the shape and size of the workpiece being painted and boasts high paint transfer efficiency. The high-performance turbines reach speeds of up to 70,000 rpm, resulting in high outflow rates. The two-channel paint tube design allows for fast color changes and minimizes paint loss. The atomizer can be used for both 1C and 2C waterborne paints. A mixer can be integrated for the use of 2-component paints.

VarioBell mplus
The new VarioBell mplus external charging atomizer is designed to paint car body interiors. In the OEM sector, the standards for coating complex components keep getting higher. In response, Eisenmann has developed this special high-rotation atomizer, featuring a very lean design and short arrangement of charging electrodes. The compact proportions of the VarioBell mplus make it easy to paint difficult-to-reach cavities and undercuts. With its double guiding and forming air system, the atomizer can generate a wide range of spray jet geometries. These geometries can be optimally adapted to the workpieces being painted. The VarioBell mplus can be used to apply both 1C and 2C waterborne paints. A mixer is integrated in the atomizer for the use of 2-component paints. The two-channel design helps reduce paint loss and color change times.

The spray gun can improve the efficiency of industrial wet paint applications through the use of the optional high-voltage generator. The continuous dual-channel design allows for very fast changeovers, and the insulated atomizer housing protects the unit from getting dirty.

The electrostatic application of waterborne paints is done using galvanic isolators. Unfortunately, conventional systems are often associated with high paint losses when changing colors, long distances between pump and atomizer and considerable maintenance and cleaning effort. The innovative VarioCharger guarantees fast color changes with minimal loss of paint and rinsing agent, combined with precise metering and high paint transfer efficiency. VarioCharger comprises two metering cylinders which are connected in parallel and can be operated in alternation. These control the process steps of filling, painting and rinsing. The VarioCharger is filled with paint through pigging lines. Thanks to its compact design, it can be installed directly in various different makes of robot arms, immediately upstream of the Eisenmann atomizer system.

The best quality paint jobs start with homogeneous surfaces. To help you achieve this, we offer integrated rotary sanding cells – available as either single or triple systems. Regulated by contact pressure sensors, our robotic solution allows for careful and even surface and detail sanding. For machining highly complex areas like door frames, we also offer integrated camera systems for optimized web guidance. This integrally designed sanding cell is topped off with a dust extraction system and an automatic sanding disc changer.

The Smart Clean modular cleaning system uses robotic brushes to reliably remove loose dust and dirt particles to prepare car bodies and mounting parts for painting. The newly developed continuous contour adjustment feature of the brushing elements additionally enhances the cleaning process, leaving even the most challenging areas spotless. Plus, this system also lets you reverse the cleaning direction to get the very most of the cycle time.



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