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Material supply

Maximum quality and availability with minimal loss of materials.

Our reliable high pressure pumps, metering plants and special paint supply and highrunner systems ensure that paints, waxes or adhesives are fed to the application robot in the optimal amounts and with minimal loss of material.

Production systems with high throughputs require a reliable supply of paint in large quantities, particularly of colors that are frequently used. Highrunner systems are used to reliably feed frequently used coatings and paints to one or more acceptance points, painting robots or automated color changers. The paint is always available. Continuous circulation keeps clean-up to a minimum and makes pigging unnecessary.

Our special paint supply systems, e.g. TPS and Easy-Pig, stabilize the process and ensure optimum paint quality. The integrated pigging system saves a lot of material from being wasted – pipes are cleaned fast and with minimal loss of paint and rinsing agent in multi-color pipes. Plus it’s easy to use and flexible. All the systems feature a compact design and provide reliable, need-based and economical material supply for coating application systems.

The demand for material supply systems continues to grow for all sorts of applications, including seam sealing, rocker panel and substructure protection and acoustic optimization. Our modularly constructed high pressure pumps and 4-valve pumps for high viscosity materials and waxes are available with motors in three power classes and are good for any type of application. Material pressure regulating devices, filters and RAM stations are also included in our system solutions.



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