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Aluminum press hardening and heat treatment of lightweight materials at Thermprocess

Böblingen / Düsseldorf, Germany, June 12, 2019 – Eisenmann Thermal Solutions will be showcasing advanced methods of heat treating lightweight materials at the Thermprocess exhibition in Düsseldorf (June 25 to 29). Experts will be sharing insights into leading-edge technologies at booth D13 in hall 9. These will include aluminum press hardening, the thermal treatment of carbon fibers and magnesium, high-temperature processes up to 3,000 °C, and the hardening and tempering of saws and blades.

Press hardening of aluminum is a key emerging technology. In association with a partner network and UK-based Impression Technologies, Eisenmann is establishing a standard solution for HFQ (hot-form quenching) – for the pressing and production of lightweight, high-strength aluminum components of the kind already installed in luxury models by a number of car manufacturers. As a market leader in the thermal treatment of aluminum, Eisenmann provides the ideal furnace technology for these tasks.

The company, with sites in Böblingen and Bovenden, Germany, has a unique range of proven technologies and deep skills in this space. In particular, it is able to implement robust, highly efficient, end-to-end industrial furnace solutions, including all peripherals – for example, for processing high-performance and lightweight materials, oxidizing carbon fibers, sintering industrial ceramics, and treating chemical and metallic powder and graphite. In addition, its proven annealing systems for saw blades, strip steel, surgical instruments and razor blades are successfully in use throughout the world.

New thermal processes are engineered in line with the specific imperatives of each customer, and designed for industrial-scale production. Proven experts advise customers on the best way of enhancing their processes, aided by highly realistic testing at the company’s dedicated Technology Center.

About Eisenmann

Eisenmann SE is a leading international provider of systems and services for surface finishing, material flow automation, thermal process technology and environmental engineering. The Thermal Solutions business unit develops and manufactures energy-efficient high-temperature systems. This includes the heat treatment of aluminum, the fully automated production of high-performance ceramics, lightweight materials, composites and carbon fiber. The portfolio also extends to the thermal treatment of chemical powders, carbonization and graphitization, and sintering of metal powders. Eisenmann has a workforce of over 3,000 worldwide, with 27 sites in 15 countries. In 2017, Eisenmann posted annual revenues of 723 million euros.

End-to-End oxidation oven at the Eisenmann Technology Center.
End-to-End oxidation oven at the Eisenmann Technology Center.


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