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Joint venture between Eisenmann Thermal Solutions and Onejoon targets electric vehicle market

Haining, China / Böblingen, Germany, June 7, 2019 – Eisenmann Thermal Solutions and Onejoon have established a joint venture in China. Together, the German and South Korean enterprises have their sights set on electric vehicles (EVs), a global megatrend. Their shared goal is to become a leading provider of high-temperature furnaces for materials used in lithium-ion batteries.

For over ten years, Onejoon, headquartered in the South Korean city of Suwon, has successfully designed and manufactured high-temperature furnaces for the calcination of battery materials. Recently, Eisenmann Thermal Solutions developed an innovative calcining furnace that provides state-of-the-art technology to increase production and lower cost of ownership. The companies have enjoyed a close working relationship since 2015. They have already collaborated on projects for a Korean customer operating in China, implementing roller hearth furnaces and process equipment.

Both companies interest in long-term cooperation has now led to the establishment of a joint venture. The two sides have exceptional technical skills, a focus on customer centricity, and high standards of quality. “Onejoon was looking for a strong partner with a global presence, with the goal of expanding internationally to support customers into new geographical markets,” explains Sebastian Hagemann, Eisenmann’s project leader for the joint venture in China. “At the same time, we identified a specialized furnace manufacturer with extensive experience in calcining battery materials to penetrate this emerging market.”

The partners’ core competencies are an ideal match in terms of the production of electric vehicle battery materials within the burgeoning Chinese market. Their joint venture is based in the industrial city of Haining on the coast of the East China Sea, and designs, manufactures and installs high-temperature furnaces. This enables Onejoon and Eisenmann to quickly and flexibly serve Chinese industrial players.

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Eisenmann is one of the leading international suppliers of plants and services in the fields of surface technology, material flow automation, thermal process technology and environmental technology. The "Thermal Solutions" division combines the development and manufacture of energyefficient high-temperature technology. This area includes, for example, the heat treatment of aluminium, the fully automated production of high-performance ceramics and lightweight materials, composites materials and carbon fibers. In addition, the thermal processing of powder chemicals, carbonization and graphitization of carbon materials as well as plants for sintering powder metals. Eisenmann is represented at 27 locations in 15 countries with more than 3,000 employees and generates annual sales of 723 million euros (2017).

The joint venture's building in Haining, China.
The joint venture's building in Haining, China.

The joint venture's building in Haining, China.


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