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One Solution sintering furnace takes center stage in Bovenden

Bovenden, Germany, January 31, 2019 – Powder metallurgy and sintering experts from a number of countries recently gathered in northern Germany to view the new One Solution high-temperature roller-hearth furnace. The focus in the preassembly hall was on a complete system including a return conveyor.

Peter Vervoort, Vice President, Product Development & Technology, spoke about the “EPMA-VISION 2025”, the future of the PM industry. Martin Creutziger, Head of Test Center, provided visitors with an overview about potentials, security and technological possibilities for a future-oriented sintering technology in Europe. They presented the key components and features of the pioneering furnace and explained how Eisenmann has addressed the market need for highly efficient and flexible production. The answers lie in the “One Solution” high-temperature roller hearth sintering furnaces with outstanding advantages in terms of product quality, flexibility and operating costs.

Eisenmann engineers demonstrated technical details on the furnace itself. One Solution allows the roller-drive speed to be seamlessly and precisely adjusted to the specific needs of the product. Companies operating this furnace enjoy substantially lower energy and industrial gas consumption. One Solution offers all the strengths of high-temperature sintering with rapid cooling and exact management of the atmosphere. It delivers theoretically ideal sintering conditions of 1,400 °C in conjunction with cooling rates of up to 8 K/s.

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Eisenmann SE is a leading international provider of systems and services for surface finishing, material flow automation, thermal process technology and environmental engineering. The family-run enterprise is headquartered in Böblingen, southern Germany, and has been advising and assisting customers across the globe for more than 65 years. It designs and builds flexible, energy- and resource-efficient systems that are tailored to customer-specific requirements, and support state-of-the-art manufacturing and intralogistics. Eisenmann has a workforce of over 3,000 worldwide, with 27 sites in 15 countries in Europe, the Americas and the BRIC nations. In 2017, Eisenmann posted annual revenues of 723 million euros.

The pioneering One Solution high-temperature sintering furnace at Eisenmann.
The pioneering One Solution high-temperature sintering furnace at Eisenmann.


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