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Tesla Motors building the world’s most advanced paint shop – with Eisenmann technology

Böblingen (Germany), March 31, 2015 – Eisenmann has secured the contract to build Tesla Motors’ new paint shop, the most advanced in the world, at the US automaker’s plant in Fremont, California. The deal, running to nine figures, is the most valuable in Eisenmann’s history.

“Tesla’s goal is to revolutionize electromobility,” says Eisenmann’s CEO, Matthias von Krauland. “Developing energy-efficient solutions is a goal both our companies share. We are extremely proud to be supporting this young, visionary enterprise on its road to success. Tesla awarded us the contract on the strength of our team’s outstanding commitment and efficient, eco-friendly technical solutions.”

Tesla plans to increase production capacity from 30,000 to 500,000 units annually in two stages  – and two fully automated painting lines from Eisenmann will help to accomplish this goal. One will be used for car bodies, and the other for components such as bumpers and rear-view mirrors.

The Böblingen-based engineering company’s highly flexible E-Shuttle 300 conveyor system will be deployed in the pre-treatment and electrocoating lines for the Model S and Model X, and at a later stage for Tesla’s third-generation car. Moreover, two Eisenmann solutions will be deployed to remove paint overspray. The exceptionally efficient E-Scrub v.2 will be installed in the car body painting line. This high-end paint removal system requires only very low air differential pressure, needs little maintenance, and is less susceptible to soiling than other technologies.

The highly efficient E Cube, with its sophisticated filtering system, will be employed in the coating line for plastic components. It operates without the need for chemicals, water or other additives. Both the E-Cube and E-Scrub v.2 are exceptionally energy efficient, reducing water consumption.

Moreover, the scope of supply includes skid conveyors and eight dryers. The entire paint facility will be managed and monitored using E-MES, a modular, scalable solution for high-level control of subsystems in automated manufacturing. Overall, the focus is on end-to-end, transparent support for production processes.

About Eisenmann

Eisenmann is a leading global industrial solutions provider for surface finishing, material flow automation, environmental engineering and thermal process technology. The company develops and builds custom manufacturing, assembly and logistics plants that are highly flexible, energy- and resource-efficient. The family-run enterprise is headquartered in southern Germany and has been advising customers across the globe for over 60 years. Today, Eisenmann has a workforce of approximately 3,600 worldwide, with subsidiaries in Europe, the Americas and the BRIC countries. In 2013, Eisenmann generated annual revenues of 903 million euros, with total sales revenues of 774 million euros according to German commercial code.

Eisenmann is to supply Tesla Motors with a number of solutions, including the highly flexible E-Shuttle 300 conveyor system for pre-treatment and electrocoating.
Eisenmann is to supply Tesla Motors with a number of solutions, including the highly flexible E-Shuttle 300 conveyor system for pre-treatment and electrocoating.


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