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Eisenmann conveyors enable reliable cleaning of industrial sheet-metal components

St. Georgen in Germany’s Black Forest is home to a company that is a recognized leader in punching, pressing, cleaning and surface finishing: Häseler Metall Technik GmbH (HMT). The enterprise manufactures punched sheet-metal products, subassemblies and components for automotive-industry suppliers, and for customers in the medical-device, control and instrumentation, and electronics sectors. For these target groups, cleanliness is of paramount importance – for instance, to ensure that microelectronic controllers for car engines and transmissions work reliably. However, conventional industrial cleaning equipment is frequently unable to deliver the right results. The level of “technical cleanliness” is clearly defined in standards such as VDA 19 and ISO 16232. To comply with these demanding specifications, HMT designed and built a custom cleaning system, making use of Eisenmann conveyors and production control technology.

HMT’s unique seven-zone cleaning system is able to process components of a variety of dimensions, materials and quantities. HMT ultimately opted to install an Eisenmann overhead power-and-free conveyor rather than, as originally envisaged, a floor conveyor, which would have taken up too much floor space. The material-handling solution from Eisenmann, by contrast, offers greater versatility in terms of moving parts through the cleaning process and rinsing tanks. Moreover, it is fitted with dirt guards above the carriers, below the tracks and around corners. Moreover, the system is designed for sustainable, highly cost-effective operation. For example, it features waste heat recovery, in conjunction with an on-site combined heat and power (CHP) plant, and counterflow cascade rinsing.

Deployment of the Eisenmann Manufacturing Execution System (E-MES) enables HMT to monitor all cleaning processes fully automatically, and with great efficiency and transparency. With just a single software solution, it is possible to manage and oversee all aspects of production, comprising a total of some 30 to 40 individual processes, including rinsing tank parameters. The E-MES can be operated with simplicity and flexibility from anywhere via a tablet computer or smartphone. This is a significant step toward a smart factory.

HMT and Eisenmann can look back on a long and successful partnership. A circular conveyor from Eisenmann was installed in the parts cleaning department at the St. Georgen facility in 1974, and performed effectively for 40 years. The two companies also joined forces in 2000 to implement a cleaning system that was designed to meet the future, increasingly stringent cleaning needs of the automotive industry. It proved a sound investment: the system operates at full capacity in three shifts, and has seen productivity increase throughout is service life. The new cleaning unit is also a down-payment on an even better business future – as technical cleanliness will continue to gain in significance. With the help of Eisenmann conveyor technology and the E-MES production control system, HMT is able to respond flexibly to the cleaning needs of diverse components with various throughputs, and can be sure of robust in-process protection against soiling.



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