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40 years of high flexibility in automotive pretreatment

40 years ago, Eisenmann unveiled the first full-body dip pretreatment system for passenger cars. MoreMore


Resource-efficient paint processes

For car buyers, the finishing is of particular importance. Customers also expect the coating to withstand many years’ exposure to ultraviolet light, harsh environmental ... MoreMore


Daimler USA boosts capacity with Eisenmann paint shop

In a strategic move to broaden its production portfolio, Daimler is implementing Eisenmann paint shop technology at its plant in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The current paint ... MoreMore


Eisenmann Technology Forum 2013

“We share the same vision: to develop cutting-edge technologies that help us make the best possible use of available resources,” declared Dr. Matthias von Krauland, ... MoreMore


There’s more to it than meets the eye

If you take a peek into an automotive manufacturer’s paint shop, the robots dancing around the vehicle body will immediately catch your eye. But the fact that they are fed ... MoreMore


Turkey: "The right balance between quality and investments"

Interview with Mete Binark, Eisenmann’s representative for Turkey, Istanbul MoreMore

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