Plastic coating

In the field of plastic coating, Eisenmann is considered as a leading system supplier: every second bumper worldwide passes through an Eisenmann coating line. With around 40 years of experience and the extensive know-how gained from assembling around 350 plastic painting systems all over the world, Eisenmann also impresses in this area with the highest quality.


CO2 jet cleaning has established itself as an energy-efficient alternative to wet-chemical pretreatment. The energy-intensive drying and cooling of the parts before further processing is no longer necessary. Only blasted dirt is generated for disposal. The air flow in the booth and in the infeed and outfeed airlocks is of decisive importance for the cleaning result.
For metal and plastic parts that cannot be dip-coated, Eisenmann builds systems for both chamber pretreatment and pass-through pretreatment. Particular attention is paid to optimizing water consumption. This significantly reduces both fresh water and wastewater treatment costs.

Conveyor systems

Lighter loads such as plastic parts or aluminum wheels pass through various processes on the skid conveyor. The exact guidance quality guarantees an optimal positional and repetitive accuracy. This is why the skid conveyor is also particularly suitable for robotic painting.

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The inverted Power & Free System SG 665 has all the features of the Power & Free System SG 666 with the advantage that it runs on the floor underneath the workpieces. It can be combined with a wide variety of trolley hoists, which are specially designed for each application. Wagon trains for wheel systems, for example, are available with a rotating crosshead so that short stacking distances are achieved when 2 wheels per wagon train are picked up with the crosshead rotated 90°. Efficient, flexible, energy and space saving!
Download: Inverted P&F Whitepaper – DE
Download: Inverted P&F Whitepaper – EN

Paint separation

With the E-Cube, Eisenmann has developed an extremely successful and popular separation system. Thanks to its sophisticated filter technology, the E-Cube does not require any chemicals, water or other additives (such as binding agents). This saves resources and simplifies waste disposal. The energy- and resource-saving E-Cube can be used in the entire wet painting process – i.e. in the area of wheel, plastic as well as general metal painting. The system consists of 60 to 80 percent recycled material, is easy to handle and can be operated by anyone.

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Eisenmann offers two separation processes in the field of wet separation: Compact Crossflow Venturi and Double Crossflow Venturi. They can treat different paint systems in a wide range of quantities and adapted coagulations. In systems for automatic coating, most of the air extracted and cleaned of paint fogs is returned to the booth (recirculation mode). In order not to exceed the permissible solvent concentration in the spray booth, a partial flow of the recirculated air volume is discharged as exhaust air.

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Convection or circulating air drying is mainly used for paint curing. However, it is also used for drying adhesives, gels or adhesive water. In addition, these dryers are used for preheating before coating. Eisenmann’s dryers are able to achieve optimum efficiency through targeted airflow. In addition, they can be divided into several heating and holding zones.
Rapid heating and uniform temperature distribution can be individually adapted to the workpiece geometry. The focus is on short process times and high throughput rates with consistently high quality.


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