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Eisenmann as an Employer

Your Development Potentialities at Eisenmann

Training and personal development
Training and personal development
Training and personal development

Our success is the success of a powerful team. We challenge and promote our employees in all phases of their professional development, from their professional training to the organization of aged-based programs for experienced employees.

An individual orientation program adapted to your knowledge and skills as well as the requirements of the position supports your start at Eisenmann. The type and scope of the program are not fixed but exclusively based on the respective requirements.

Expert- and Executive Career

The size and diversity of our company as well as the dynamics of our business permits the structured and yet flexible career development we are aiming at. Whether you want to advance technically in line with increasing professional experience, show interest in technologies of another business unit or favor a job in a foreign country – Eisenmann offers optimum prerequisites for a long-dated and interesting career. You can assume managerial responsibilities at an early stage or concentrate on details of a specific topic as an expert, for example.

Performance Management

We stand out due to commitment and the will to succeed. We safeguard the achievement potential of our company by means of annual appraisal interviews, individual target agreements and a structured performance management process. Performance is worthwhile; thus, performance-related career paths and the appropriate salary are a matter of course at EISENMAN.

Sustainable Human Resource Development

The professional development of our employees is supported by a diversified and multifarious offer of personnel development measures. These range from classical advanced training offers in all relevant fields to comprehensive, target-group-specific development programs. These use various didactic concepts and methods of learning, to ensure the success and sustainability of our measures.

The Eisenmann Leadership Development Program offers our executives the opportunity to advance their personal, technical, social and methodical leadership abilities using various training modules. In this context, we support a consistent managerial cognition based on our values, without disregarding the uniqueness of our employees.

Apart from our award-winning professional training, the Eisenmann Training Center offers room for training courses, workshops, team-promotion and area development measures as well as for events of all kind. Liberal, modern architecture and state-of-the-art conference technology not only offer the optimum studying environment but also represent the high significance Eisenmann attributes to personnel development.