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Application Tips

Application Tips

To increase your chances of starting a career with Eisenmann, we are providing a few useful details that may give your application process a positive direction.

Formal Criteria

  • Please apply exclusively online via our job market. Our application form immediately shows you the information that is relevant to us and also ensures faster processing of your application.
  • Our online job market lists the positions that are currently vacant. If there is not any appropriate position for you, feel free to submit a speculative application indicating your favored functional area and your earliest possible date of joining the company.
  • Make sure your application, including certificates and proof of qualification, does not exceed the size of 2 MB.

Content Arrangement Tips

You application communicates a first impression of your person. To convince us, the best way to arrange your documents is as follows:

  • Cover letter: Outline briefly and concisely why you are the ideal candidate for the specific position. The more connections between your professional experience and qualifications and the profile of requirements of the advertised post you can present, the better. In addition, you should demonstrate the skills and qualities that characterize you and distinguish you from any other applicant. Your cover letter should show the reason why we should definitely get to know you!
  • Curriculum vitae: Your curriculum vitae should give us an overview of the most important stations of your professional life and/or your education up to that point, of special knowledge and additional qualifications. Please ensure a clear, consistent and chronological presentation and briefly outline the main points of each station.
  • Certificates and proof of qualification: Please enclose all your certificates (references, university certificates, certificates of apprenticeship and certificate of qualification for university matriculation) and any proof of qualification so we can verify what you detailed in your curriculum vitae.

The Application Procedure

After reception of your application documents via our online job market, you will receive a confirmation of receipt immediately. Thus, you can be sure that your documents have arrived and will be processed. However, it may still happen that it takes a bit longer to process your documents than expected. This may be attributed to the fact that an application requires the coordination of different people and departments or that a business trip causes a delay. Please do not interpret an extended waiting period as a negative decision. As long as you have not received any feedback from us, the selection process has not been completed and your application is still in the race.

If your application has aroused our interest, we will contact you to agree a first face-to-face meeting. Representatives of the human resources as well as the specialist department will participate in this meeting, which will give us the opportunity to get to know you, i.e. the actual person the application represents. We will also take the opportunity to inform you about the company and the job.

If the first meeting confirms the impression we got from your application documents, we will invite you to a second meeting to validate the impression of the first meeting and to discuss specific issues in detail, if required.

To prepare for the job interview, you should study your application documents and the job advertisement closely again; they will serve us as a basis in our meeting.

Otherwise keep to the principle: Just Be Yourself!

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