Body Shop

With our conveying technology for body shops, we set standards in terms of functionality, flexibility and reliability with maximum cost-effectiveness and minimised maintenance requirements. Eisenmann offers a wide range of suitable conveyor systems.

Decades of experience and continuous development are the hallmarks of our skid conveyor technology, which is valued by leading car manufacturers worldwide. Eisenmann offers the complete product range for almost every application and every weight class.

Download: Skid-FT Whitepaper – DE
Download: Skid-CS Whitepaper – EN

If large areal distances have to be overcome or even different buildings have to be linked logistically, the use of electric overhead tracks is an option. Our shuttles have their own drive controls. This allows the routes of the electric overhead tracks vehicles to be changed if necessary and increases process efficiency. Permanent data communication enables short reaction times and continuous adjustment of the material flow strategy.


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