Final Assembly

With our conveyor technology for final assembly lines, we set standards in terms of functionality, flexibility and reliability with maximum economic efficiency and minimised maintenance requirements. Eisenmann offers a variety of suitable conveyor systems such as skid roller conveyors, apron conveyors or push platform systems.

Our bestseller among overhead conveyors is the car body electric overhead track. This chain hoist is the reliable means of transport from small cars to multivans.
We also rely on the proven concept for logistics between suppliers and final assembly. The cab electric overhead track transports engines, chassis and seats from the supplier park to the final assembly lines on schedule.

The factory of the future knows no rigid procedures and processes – the goal is nothing less than series production with batch size 1. This requires intelligent, flexibly configurable conveyor systems that clear the way for the production of a wide variety of car bodies and vehicle models on one and the same plant. With VarioStore, Eisenmann has developed a concept for a flexible, adaptable car body warehouse that makes large, expensive high-bay warehouses a thing of the past. VarioStore is an area storage system that offers the greatest possible flexibility for area relocations and capacity changes by breaking with the concept of the rigid conveyor systems commonly used to date. This makes it possible to use any free space and area cuttings as storage, such as hall roofs. This is realized by using the VarioMover driverless transport system. If the customer decides to use VarioStore on an existing area, an investment cost saving of up to 61 percent can be achieved. The reason for this is the elimination of the complete storage block, the storage and retrieval machines, and the conveyor technology in the racking pre-zone compared to the use of a high-bay warehouse.

Download: VarioStore Whitepaper – DE
Download: VarioStore Whitepaper – EN

The VarioMover is a driverless transport vehicle with an integrated lifting table. It drives under the car bodies, lifts them and transports them to a defined destination. The VarioMover can transport the bodies either with or without skid, as its length is variably adjustable. It can pick up loads of up to 1,500 kilograms. Equipped with a camera and controlled by a master computer, the VarioMover finds its way to its destination at a speed of up to one meter per second via an optical tracking system. Barcode labels serve as position markers. Existing tracks can be used simultaneously by the VarioMover and humans. The vehicle is equipped with a 360-degree protective field and automatically reduces its speed when obstacles approach. In this way, it is safe for people in terms of collision protection.


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