Eisenmann fulfills the three main criteria for awarding the CrefoZert certificate

Creditreform is the leading expert in Germany for assessing the creditworthiness of companies. In 2024, Creditreform awarded Eisenmann GmbH the "CrefoZert" certificate for the first time.

This not only confirms the good development of the company, but also provides a positive forecast for the future course of business.

Eisenmann meets all three main criteria for the award of the certificate:

1. Creditworthiness index: This is determined by Creditreform using the latest statistical methods and extensive information sources.

2. Analysis of annual accounts: Companies applying for the certificate must have been in business for at least three years and be able to prove their past performance for at least two consecutive financial years.

3. Company survey: If the solvency index and the rating match, Creditreform carries out an in-depth investigation of the company. The current situation and future prospects are analysed in detail. If no significant credit risks are identified, the company receives the coveted award.

👉 You can download our certifcate here.


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