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Click here for further initial information on the scope of our purcasing orders:

  • Application systems
    e.g. paint supply, paint spraying equipment and accessories
  • Coatings, surface finishing
    e.g. contract painting, thick-layer coating, galvanization, chrome-plating, paint stripping, degreasing, immersion pickling, anodization, hardening, sand blasting
  • Operating equipment
    e.g. building and factory equipment, office equipment, canteen equipment, maintenance
  • Services (mechanical)
    e.g. installation work, site supervision, cleaning, designs, commissioning
  • Services (electrical)
    e.g. software production, planning, electrical installation, site supervision, commissioning 
  • Fabrication based on customer drawings
    e.g. individual parts and modules of metal / plastics, possibly with preassembly of the modules
  • Trades and installations (electrical)
    e.g. electrical installation, control cabinet construction
  • Trades and installations (mechanical)
    e.g. steelwork, piping, ductwork, stacks, insulation, refractory linings, construction work
  • IT requirements
    e.g. hardware, software, network systems
  • Components / individual parts (listed articles or with design and specifications)
    e.g. drives, pumps, conveyor chains, carrying rollers, light fixtures, electrical components/assemblies, valve fittings, sensors, transformers, hardware fittings, chemicals, sealants, filter media, plastic articles, bearings, pneumatics, rollers, connectors
  • Machinery, units, complete systems
    e.g. fire protection systems, burners, filter systems, conveyor systems, hydraulic systems, cooling systems, door systems, fans, heat exchangers
  • Rental equipment
    e.g. fork lift trucks, cranes, photocopiers, lift trucks, scaffolding, air-conditioning systems, heating systems, etc.
  • Robots
    e.g. painting robots, handling robots
  • Raw material (steel, stainless steel)
    e.g. in the form of coils, sheets and sections
  • Transport
    e.g. road trucks, special transports, air freight, ocean freight, CEP
  • Packaging materials and services
    e.g. pallets, cardboard boxes, plastic sheeting, large and small crates, etc.

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