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ENisco GmbH & Co. KG


Production and logistics processes are currently in a state of transition; keyword: Industry 4.0. The highest levels of efficiency and productivity are the goals of plant operators and become tangible through the fourth industrial revolution and the accompanying implementation of software and IT in production processes. In the future, workpieces, machines and human beings will be networked intelligently and communicate and interact autonomously via the Internet. This is where the Eisenmann Industrial Software Company (ENISCO) comes into play. Its product, the E-MES, networks factories both horizontally, across the entire production process, and vertically, across all process levels. This is the basis for intelligent and flexible production of the Smart Factory.

Experts for the Eisenmann SmartFactory


To enhance its pioneering position in the field of networked and integrated manufacturing, Eisenmann formed ENISCO GmbH & Co. KG in 2015. As a subsidiary of Eisenmann SE the international software company boasts over 25 years of experience in the development and implementation of:

  • Manufacturing Execution Systemen (MES)
  • Supervisory Control and Data Aquisition Systemen (SCADA)
  • Human Machine Interface Lösungen (HMI)

Software solutions from ENISCO optimize processes in various branches – from water treatment plants and fully automated logistics centers to complete automobile paint shops. The manufacturing execution system E-MES allows ENISCO to deliver tailor-made solutions. ENISCO has over 50 experts working in Germany, India and China. Its passion: developing new technologies and optimizing customer manufacturing processes.

Telos Global - Turnkey for Press Hardened Steel

Telos Global, headquartered in Knoxville,
Tennessee have established the company to
serve the American market for lightweight construction
in car making and automotive systems,
especially hot-stamped steel.


Production Line for Press-Hardened Steel

Telos Global, includes a number of specialist partners with comprehensive production and process
expertise in manufacturing and processing of press-hardened steel. The new US facility includes
a competence center for stamping dies and a complete production-scale pilot plant.

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