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Plant Optimization & Consulting Services

We support your energy management

Environmental aspects, especially energy efficiency, are getting more and more important. Energy savings and hence the conservation of resources contribute to operating sustainable plants.

Based on this background our specialists support you in identifying energy saving potentials. Most of them can be categorized as follows:

1. Technical optimization

  • Utilization of waste heat streams
  • Adjustment of the air management to process requirements
  • Service-life extension in pre-treatment and EC
  • Adjustment of the process frame in paint booths
  • (temperature / humidity)

2. Organizational optimization

  • Energy monitoring
  • Optimized energy regulation
  • Time management: switching on/off the units following the process frames and operating times (production/break/weekend operation)

We support you in identifying your energy saving potentials. Feel free to contact us!

Energy Management & Safety Checks Using Thermographic Analysis

In our thermographic analyses, checking the safety of your plant plays an important role in addition to environmental aspects such as energy savings.

Some of the advantages of preventative maintenance or safety checks performed using an infrared camera:

  • Detection of electrical defects in good time
  • Safety inspections
  • Fast presentation and report of the surface temperatures
  • Identification of insufficient insulation and potential energy savings

Please contact our specialists for an individual check of potential energy savings and safety conditions.