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Full-Service & Build-Operate-Transfer Model

Permanente On-Site Service

Full-service-teams on site at the customer's
Full-service-teams on site at the customer's

Customers of various industries and service sectors are already using our full-service. In this context, we can make use of our experience in the construction and operation of industrial facilities and factories.

Full-service can be defined as the preliminary stage of build-operate-transfer models. It guarantees permanent availability of the plants by providing a permanent on-site service. You will achieve a stable preservation of your plant's asset value due to:

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Repairs
  • Continuous customer advisory service

In full service, the customers operate their plants.

Comprehensive Full-Service Package for Your Production

BOT personnel in customers plant
BOT personnel in customers plant

BOT personnel in customers plant

In our build-operate-transfer models we take care of part of your value added chain, while you can fully concentrate on your core activities.

The build-operate-transfer model signifies the highest level of integration into your production process. We operate your Eisenmann plant with:

  • our own personnel
  • our own logistics
  • our own quality control
  • our own maintenance

Benefit from our know-how with build-operate-transfer models. This includes among other things contract wording, installation, operation and controlling.


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