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Paint Shops for Metal Surfaces

Energy-Efficient Ovens


Cure Ovens for Wet Paints / Powder Curing Ovens
Eisenmann constructs tailored ovens as to the technical requirements. Possible in this context is indirect heating with oil, gas or electricity using thermal oil, hot water or steam as the heat transfer medium. However, direct heating with gas is also used. The types of design range from chamber ovens and pass-through ovens to multiple reversing ovens with energy-saving A-locks and optimized overall heating concept. For cycled plants with hoists, trough ovens or pass-through ovens are used.

Infrared Ovens
Infrared ovens are considered for workpieces with temperature-sensitive built-in components or high material thicknesses. Due to their excellent powder interlacing properties, infrared ovens are also often used as pre-gelling zones upstream of conventional circulating air curing ovens.

UV Ovens
UV radiation ovens are especially suited when using UV-curing paints or powder formulations.
Eisenmann provides vast experience with inert systems and non-inert systems alike.

Dry-Off Ovens
Dry-off ovens are used downstream of the pretreatment plant. They dry the workpieces before they are coated. The ovens operate thermally (e.g. with gas heating) or using the condensation method (with the aid of dried air).


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For further information about paint systems for metal components, please refer to the following brochures.

Eisenmann Environmental Technology

Our environmental-technology solutions allow CO₂-friendly painting processes that are gentle on resources. Why not also get information on our technologies for exhaust air purification and water conditioning?