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Paint Shops for Metal Surfaces

Pretreatment as a Prerequisite for First-Grade Coating

Depending on the size of the workpiece and the requirements of the customer, Eisenmann provides tailor-made pretreatment plants for painting.

Spray Pretreatment Plants
Eisenmann designs customized spray pretreatment plants which comprise cleaning stages (degreasing), rinsing stages and film-forming procedures such as zinc phosphating and nano-layer deposition.

Dip Pretreatment Plants
Dip pretreatment plants are mainly made up of multiple dip basins. Hoists cycle the metal workpieces through the various bath media.
This systems engineering technology is especially qualified for pretreating workpieces with complex geometries.

Pretreatment Procedures

In the pretreatment plant, the workpiece is pretreated in multiple process steps.

Primarily these are:

  • Degreasing / cleaning
  • Pickling
  • Activating
  • Phosphating
  • Nano-layer deposition (NLD)
  • Conversion-layer deposition


Customized Paint Shops for Metal Surfaces

Irrespective of whether you are using wet paint or coating powder: Eisenmann develops the optimum plant design for you, always focusing on quality, economic efficiency and environmental friendliness. 

Dip Coating Plants
As a globally leading systems supplier, Eisenmann provides conventional as well as electrophoretic dip coating plants (AC / EC). Our dip coating plants offer you the possibility of coating your workpieces fully automatically with a high throughput and a high degree of economic efficiency.

Powder Coating
As experienced general contractor Eisenmann integrates powder coating solutions of all well-known suppliers into the process and conveyor system of the overall paint line.

Wet Paint Spray Booths and Application
Eisenmann develops spray booths for water-based and solvent-based paints. Depending on the requirements of the customer, we also offer the paint application - automated or in manual spray booths.

As separator systems, Eisenmann uses dry separation as well as wet separation via the Venturi scrubber. The latest innovations at Eisenmann's are the electrostatic separation system E-Scrub, as well as the dry paint separation system E-Cube.

Energy-Efficient Ovens


Cure Ovens for Wet Paints / Powder Curing Ovens
Eisenmann constructs tailored ovens as to the technical requirements. Possible in this context is indirect heating with oil, gas or electricity using thermal oil, hot water or steam as the heat transfer medium. However, direct heating with gas is also used. The types of design range from chamber ovens and pass-through ovens to multiple reversing ovens with energy-saving A-locks and optimized overall heating concept. For cycled plants with hoists, trough ovens or pass-through ovens are used.

Infrared Ovens
Infrared ovens are considered for workpieces with temperature-sensitive built-in components or high material thicknesses. Due to their excellent powder interlacing properties, infrared ovens are also often used as pre-gelling zones upstream of conventional circulating air curing ovens.

UV Ovens
UV radiation ovens are especially suited when using UV-curing paints or powder formulations.
Eisenmann provides vast experience with inert systems and non-inert systems alike.

Dry-Off Ovens
Dry-off ovens are used downstream of the pretreatment plant. They dry the workpieces before they are coated. The ovens operate thermally (e.g. with gas heating) or using the condensation method (with the aid of dried air).

Material Flow through the Paint Line for Metal Surfaces

In the field of paint lines for metal surfaces, mainly overhead conveyor systems are used. Eisenmann offers a number of possibilities for conveying your workpieces through the surface finishing processes.

Circular Chain Conveyors
The circular chain conveyor is the absolute classic among the continuously operating conveyors. It is characterized by a simple control unit, high operational reliability and a long life cycle at a good cost-benefit ratio.

Power & Free Conveyors
Eisenmann Power & Free conveyors are reliable and highly-flexible material flow systems. They make it possible to stack goods carriers, sort them via switches and buffer them in storage areas. Furthermore, multiple chain circuits that can be linked provide for different conveying speeds. They can also be operated in cycled mode.

Power&Free Floor Conveyors
The Power&Free (P&F) floor conveyors are based on a dual-rail system just like the traditional P&F overhead conveyors. The conveying chain runs in the upper rail; it conveys the trolleys with the workpieces by pusher dogs in the lower rail.

Transfer Bridges / Transfer Lift Bridges
For especially compact operating modes and flexible setup (even in the case of bulky and heavy workpieces) the Eisenmann transfer bridge / transfer lift bridge technology can get conveyor systems to the point.

Electric Monorail Systems
Eisenmann Electric Monorail Systems (EMS) provide for implementing a large variety of operating modes at high throughput speeds.

Eisenmann uses hoists for paint shops, in which workpieces are cycled through pretreatment and paint dip basins. Especially for very large workpieces such as truck frames or airfoils, these are the best choice.

Special applications such as spindle conveyor systems, skid conveyors, carrying chain conveyors and transfer systems such as shuttle conveyors are also included in the Eisenmann product range.

Automation using robotics combined with image processing is another logistic module. Eisenmann provides overall systems for linking various material flow and parts handling systems.

Process Data Acquisition and Control

Visualization of a conveyor system
Visualization of a conveyor system

As a systems supplier, Eisenmann integrates the complete plant control technology from one source.
The problem of having to deal with a variety of interfaces does not arise. Our competent specialists have long-standing experience in the following fields:

  • Project planning/ creating functional requirements
  • Circuit diagram design and the manufacture of control cabinets
  • Creating software for PLCs and visualization systems
  • Material flow control, process control systems and the connection to customer ERP systems (E|MES)
  • Commissioning, on-site production support and training

Due to extensive planning and counseling, concepts can be taken into account as early as in the project planning and tender preparation stages that result in a plant that is easy to maintain, energy efficient and economic.

To reduce downtimes, Eisenmann offers a remote maintenance option for all important control components.

Eisenmann Manufacturing Execution System E-MES

Example for the visualization of an oven temperature profile in E-MES
Example for the visualization of an oven temperature profile in E-MES

Example for the visualization of an oven temperature profile in E-MES

The Eisenmann Manufacturing Execution System (E-MES) is a browser-based production control system connecting the entire production facility – both horizontally, i.e. across the manufacturing process, and vertically, i.e. throughout all levels, from ERP down to shop floor IT. Due to integrated data capture, analysis and visualization E-MES ensures complete transparency, and can be used variably from simple operator control and monitoring system to a modular MES solution.

All data is accessible to users anywhere, at any time – no clients need to be installed. As a result, both the production and the maintenance staff on site, as well as colleagues and managers from anywhere in the world can monitor plant and equipment from a laptop, tablet, smartphone or smart-watch.

By means of user-defined key performance indicators, E-MES provides crucial information and insights – allowing users to critically review past manufacturing processes and make better decisions going forward.

E-MES is designed around a platform-independent, modular structure: further functionality modules can be added later in line with specific requirements. The E-MES portfolio offers made-to-measure solutions for every customer, from user-friendly operation and monitoring to high-level planning and control functionality. The production control system is configured in accordance with the specific requirements of the customer’s production facilities.

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