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Dry Fermentation of Biological Waste

Biowaste plant
Biowaste plant
Biowaste plant

Around the globe, ecological concerns are increasing the focus on renewables, often backed by favorable feed-in tariffs, grants and subsidies. Moreover, waste management legislation is becoming ever stricter. Against this background, there is growing interest in the potential of waste as a source of energy. Plug flow digesters can be harnessed to create additional revenue streams by converting organic waste into electricity, heat or biomethane.

Eisenmann technology provides significant advantages over other systems in relation to your carbon footprint. A further good reason for leveraging waste as a source of renewable energy and not just of compost.

Our strengths at a glance:

- Dry fermentation with high dry matter content in plug flow digester
- High organic load with appropriate residence time
- No short-circuiting - extremely high gas yield
- Low levels of recirculation
- Sanitization in accordance with applicable legislation
- Rapid on-site installation thanks to modular design
- Enclosed system prevents emission of offensive odors
- Customer-specific solutions
- More than 80 plants built
- 60 years’ experience in industrial plant engineering
- Approximately 3,600 employees worldwide

Dry Fermentation of Biological Waste
Dry Fermentation of Biological Waste
Dry Fermentation of Biological Waste


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