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Megatrends of the 21st century
Megatrends of the 21st century

Eisenmann and Ritter XL Solar, the subsidiary of the Ritter Group, specializing in large-scale solar heating installations, will be ensuring an optimum energy balance in production. The joint business model allows use of solar heating installations in large-scale projects and makes a crucial contribution towards reducing primary energy demand and, thus, energy costs of a factory.

Cooperation at eye level

The Ritter solar heating modules have already proven successful several times for use in large-scale projects. For example, a total area of 1,330 square meters was equipped with what is still the largest vacuum-tube collector solar installation worldwide at Festo in Esslingen, Germany, in 2007 for instance. It serves to supply process heat and to assist heating and cooling. Ritter XL Solar uses only water as the heat transfer medium, thus avoiding the use of antifreeze, an environmental pollutant.

„As Link emphasizes, highlighting the strategic importance of this cooperation: "Our customers always have to keep an eye on the energy balance of their production facilities against the backdrop of rising energy prices. We see major potential in our alliance with Ritter XL Solar since we are now also able to offer an energy concept for the entire factory, in addition to our energy-efficient plant engineering which is gentle on resources. In the long term, this means that our customers are more independent of energy price rises and, at the same time, this is environmentally sustainable." As Link goes on to say: "Worldwide, solar heating is one of the leading technologies in the sector of renewable energies. Its features are high CO2 savings and an economically attractive overall yield. In addition, we are convinced of the high quality and innovative power of Ritter's solution".

Eisenmann has many years of experience in handling large-scale, international projects. In the words of Detlev Seidler, CEO of Ritter XL Solar: "We appreciate having a strong partner at our side, a partner who has been operating in the field of plant manufacture worldwide for almost 60 years, and who also sets its sights on environment-friendly, energy-efficient technologies. This is indispensable in a production environment which is as energy-intensive as the painting process". Moreover, Eisenmann has experience in pre-assembly and final assembly in largescale projects and the family-owned business, from Böblingen, Germany, is firmly anchored on the market. High-quality pipes, such as those produced by Eisenmann itself, are another essential factor for success on large-scale solar heating installations.

Ritter XL Solar ( is responsible for worldwide sales of largescale solar heating installations in the Ritter Group. Owing to important unique positioning features, Ritter XL Solar has the technological lead in its business segment. To date, it has planned and implemented around 150 large-scale installations with a total area of approximately 20,000 square meters. The Ritter Group is the clear market leader in Germany and Europe in the sector of vacuumtube collectors (market shares approximately 75% and 35%).




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