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Automotive Systems & Aerospace

As a systems supplier, we provide solutions for our customers from the automotive and aerospace industry – from the body shop to coating right up to the final assembly.

Automotive Systems & Aerospace

Surface finishing by Eisenmann with its cleaning and pretreatment systems as well as the fully automatic paint shops ensures quality in vehicle and aircraft construction.

Our material flow systems in the body shop link the various production steps and serve to convey the finished car bodies to the downstream processes.

Eisenmann floor-based and overhead conveyor systems provide for smooth workflows in the final assembly. Apart from automated workstations, we also integrate test systems into the production flow of the assembly lines.   

E-Cube and E-Shuttle 200

Overspray particles are released into the air during painting. Using an intelligent filtration method, E-Cube removes overspray from the air without the need for chemicals, water or other additives (such as binding agents).

E-Shuttle 200 is a space-saving conveyor for pretreatment and dip-coating processes in the automotive industry. The system is exceptionally compact – thanks to a winning combination of shuttle and pendulum technology.



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