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Cleaning Method Using Emu Feathers

Cleaning plant using emu feathers
Cleaning plant using emu feathers
Cleaning plant using emu feathers

Prior to the paint application, fine dust must be removed from the workpiece, since the dirt particles cause flaws in the paint layer. For this purpose, we use cleaning systems with emu feathers to ensure high-quality surface finishing.

The EMU cleaning system consists of the following modules and work steps:

  • Pre-ionization: the car body is subjected to an ionizing air flow. This discharges the surface.
  • Roof and side machine with feather rollers: a roller with emu feathers rotates over the surface. In this cleaning process, the dirt particles are ionized and drawn off the surface at the same time.
  • Post-ionization: finally, the charge clusters on the car body are neutralized to prevent new dirt accumulations.

Cleaning with emu feathers can usually remove dirt particles >10 µm.


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